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The Park Forest Public Library's principal source of income is property taxes paid by residents and businesses in Park Forest and Olympia Fields. We also receive support from grants and community fundraising efforts such as the book sales conducted by the wonderful Friends of the Park Forest Library, selling thousands of books and tapes donated by generous library patrons. In the past decade, the Library has been actively seeking additional support as the demand for and cost of library technology, books, and services escalate.

Book Donations

Book donations to the library can be dropped off in the Book Drop attached to the building near the staff parking lot. Please do not drop of library materials in this book drop. There is a separate book drop for library materials in the main parking lot.

Honor With Books

The Park Forest Public Library’s Honor With Books program offers a truly distinctive way to pay tribute to someone you love - a family member, colleague, or friend - on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary or as a memorial. Donations enable the Library to purchase special books, magazine subscriptions, CDs, and DVDs, items that will provide hours of enrichment and enjoyment for everyone in our community.

A distinctive bookplate commemorating the individual, group, or occasion you have chosen to honor will be placed in each item purchased. We will send a card acknowledging your gift. If you would like to honor someone through this program, please print out the Honor With Books Donor Form and mail it along with your check to the Park Forest Public Library.

Endowment Fund: A Gift to the Future

It is the goal of the Park Forest Public Library Endowment Fund, through the caring and generosity of private donors, to establish and maintain a stable, long-range financial support mechanism for the library. Donations, which may consist of money or other assets, are tax deductible and 100% goes to support the library.

Donations of any amount will assist the Endowment Fund. Donors of $100 or more, or their chosen honorees, will be recognized on a permanently inscribed honor roll prominently displayed in the library. Special endowments can be created in the name of a particular person; such a fund may be established to honor your nominee with any amount above $500. Please contact the Administrative Librarian for further information regarding endowments. Every year the interest from this fund is used to purchase books, CDs, etc.; the principal remains untouched, guaranteeing the perpetuity of the fund. A contribution to the Endowment Fund, whether as a memorial, tribute, or celebration, is a gift that keeps on giving: truly, a gift to the future.

There are many ways in which contributors may choose to give:

For further information about creating a special endowment or arranging a non-cash donation, please contact the Administrative Librarian at (708) 748-3731 or by e-mail at To contribute to the Endowment Fund by check, please print out the Endowment Fund Donor Form and mail it along with your check to the Park Forest Public Library. Thank you!




Book drop locations

-In the Library Parking Lot

-Outside the Olympia Fields Post Office:
3033 W. 203rd St.

-Park Forest Village Hall:

350 Victory Dr.


DVDs & Video Games:

$1.00 per day

All Other Materials:

10 cents per day