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Thank You to Our Donors!

Thank you

Park Forest Public Library would to acknowledge and thank our generous donors. We know that you have a galaxy of choices to make in your lifetime and we appreciate your contribution to ensure that the ripple effect of lifelong learning will be felt for generations to come.

If you would like to make a donation click here. Become a member of the Rays of Light or Rising Stars to get a spot on our Donor Wall.


Rays of Light ($250+)

Fritz Wildermuth
F. Patrick & Nancy Kelly
Jack & Peg Donohue
Bob, Kathy, Kelly Fisher (in memory of Stephanie Fisher)
Yuan Liang (in memory of Olivia Liang)
Donald and Margaret Phelps
Diane Shorter
Luis Drywall
Anne Lloyd
Pat and Terry Foote
Gail Gillispie (in memory of Hazel Gillispie)
Lorena Campbell (in memory of Richard Campbell)
Dankowski Family
Mark and Linda Krahn


Rising Stars ($100-$249)

George Stapleton
Peg Scoggin
Mel and Janet Muchnik
Gertrude Gold
Beverly Helm
Mike Carroll (in memory of Gene and Ronnie Carroll)
Anonymous (in honor of Terry Peryam)
Cedarwood Co-op
Cornelius, Ruth, Katie, Megan O'Sullivan (in honor of SD 163 and 227 teachers)
Isabe Simard (in memory of Velton Lacefield)
Anonymous (in honor of Richard and Florence Warner)
Sylvia A. Stringfellow
Richard and Susan Dunlap (in memory of Stephanie Fisher)
Edwin and Susan Silver Johnson
Celeste Howe
Cynthia Brooks (in memory of Lillie B Johnson)
Robert Pierce
Paul and Barbara Arola
Product Architecture and Design
RJ and Mary VanSwol
Linda Goedke (in memory of Larry Goedke)
Yuan Liang (in honor of Adreanna Cadena)
Harry and Lana Kortge (in memory of Melody D Kortge)
John and Therese Goodrich
Carolyn L Barnett & Family (in memory of Garry L Barnett)
Barbara and Al Sturges
Arnold Gudyka (in memory of Jane Gudyka)
Leona Shepherd
Marie Johnson
Barbara Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Case
Calvin and Mae Brandon
Mary and Lou Lubertozzi

Other Donors:

Jean Bernstein
Marietta Venezia
Charles Habecker
Rudy Morgan
Georganne Hodes
Katherine Balmaseda (in memory of David E. Trimble)
Willett Hudson
GIA Publications
Patti Doyle (in memory of Olivia Liang)
Marilyn Jacobs
Agnes Gibbons


Book drop locations

-In the Library Parking Lot

-Outside the Olympia Fields Post Office:
3033 W. 203rd St.

-Park Forest Village Hall:

350 Victory Dr.


DVDs & Video Games:

$1.00 per day

All Other Materials:

10 cents per day