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In June, the Park Forest Library Board of Trustees put into motion a plan to create a one-of-a-kind donor wall with custom designed artwork that mirrors the ever-widening circles of the sun. The ripple effect of this action will be felt with each wave of donors’ names that fill the wall around the artwork. This permanent installation will be mounted on the wall directly across from the Ringering Room and showcase the names of those individuals, businesses and community groups who are shining examples of the community spirit that sets the Park Forest Public Library on its own orbit. We know that you have a galaxy of choices to make in your lifetime, but we need your contribution to ensure that the ripple effect of lifelong learning will be felt for generations to come.

Please join me in being among the first wave to contribute to this creative fundraising project.

Sharing the splendor,

Barbara Osuch
Library Director



Book drop locations

-Behind the Library

-Outside the Olympia Fields Post Office:
3033 W. 203rd St.

-Park Forest Village Hall:

350 Victory Dr.


DVDs & Video Games:

$2.00 per day

All Other Materials:

10 cents per day