Location: Ringering Room

FRIDAYS: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Video Lecture Series from The Great Courses.

Birds have often held a special fascination for humanity. Venerated as deities and powerful symbols in the mythology of ancient Egypt, China, the Maya, and other cultures, through the millennia birds have remained mysterious, magnetic, and irresistible. In the 18th and 19th centuries, naturalists traveled the earth in search of the most resplendent avian species, and the advent of science has only increased interest in the amazingly varied world of birds. Today this fascination continues in the modern activity of birding, a passionate and well organized pursuit for people around the world.

Apr 26th: "Birding Basics, Bird Origins, and Taxonomy", "Basic Bird Anatomy", "Size, Shape, and Color as Birding Tools"

May 3rd: "Bird Distribution, Status, and Endemism", "Habitat and Season as Birding Tools", "Introduction to Birding Optics"

May 10th: "Tactics for Better Birding", "Using Bird Behavior to Identify Birds", "Understanding Variations in Plumage"

May 17th: "Birding by Ear", "Essentials of Bird Migration", "Birding Night"

June 7th: "Pelagic Birding", "Waterbirds, Shoebirds, and Game Birds", "Diurnal Raptos"

June 14th: "From Doves to Kingfishers", "Passerines: From Flycatchers to Thrushes", "Passerines: Thrashers to Warblers"

June 21st: "Passerines: From Tanagers to Finches", "Photography for Birders", "Birding Sites in Eastern North America"

June 28th: "Birding Sites in Western North America", "Birds and People", "Birding Ethics and Conservation"