ITeach UTeach Parent & Me: Early Literacy Edition

- Join us in the Kids' Zone on Monday, November 27 @ 4:30pm.


The ITeach UTeach Parent & Me Early Literacy Edition is designed to provide children aged 3-5 with a comprehensive foundation in early literacy skills while nurturing essential life skills that contribute to their holistic development. 

Program Highlights:

  • Learn Hands-On Strategies: Children will actively participate in hands-on activities that promote early literacy, cognitive growth, and self-esteem.

  • Sight Words Mastery: Equip young learners with the ability to quickly identify and read words upon seeing them, a crucial skill for reading proficiency.

  • Brain Development Strategies: Explore proven strategies that foster cognitive growth and support children's overall brain development.

  • Engaging Lessons: Our thoughtfully crafted lessons inspire active participation and cultivate a genuine love for learning.

This event will run for approximately 60 minutes and is geared towards parents and their children ages 3 through 5. Registration for this event is required!  For more information please contact Wanikka Vance- Clark, Master Educator

Foundations 4 AdVANCEment

+1 708-248-5926

Registration is now open!

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