The Life Vest Under Your Seat: A Book Talk with Dr. Tatangla S. Coleman

- Join us in the Ringering Room on Saturday, November 19 @ 2:00pm-4:30pm for a special author event. 


Join us on Saturday, November 19 @ 2:00pm for a special author talk and book signing from Dr. Tatangla S. Coleman, author of The Life Vest Under Your Seat. Registration for this event is required! For more information, contact Miss Kaitlyn at (708) 748-3731 ext 31.


ABOUT THE BOOK, THE LIFE VEST UNDER YOUR SEAT Without the will to survive, “the life vest under your seat” looks just like a plain old piece of fabric. In fact, we take for granted that it even exists, but can be more than enough to save your life. Afterall, in case of emergency—it may be all you need. Think about it, what if a life vest was all you had? Is that enough?? This thought-provoking book is designed specifically with you in mind. We will travel through time, draw from our life experiences, inflate our life vest, redefine our past, perform the necessary maintenance, and stow our vest away properly. Remember, it is not just the successes that are to be celebrated; celebrate the struggles too. Friend: YOU are a survivor! This book is dedicated to YOU.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Tatangla S. Coleman (also known as ‘Tangie’) born a native of Chicago, Illinois, spent much of her young adult life in Greensboro, NC where a career in Engineering took a life of its own; There, she would find that no obstacle was too great to overcome! Today, she is an aerospace engineer, public speaker, professor, and author. She presents empowerment lessons of worth by being a bridge of understanding, a tower of integrity and a castle of realized dreams through her business company, tanlinestalk. Her professional and personal activities are guided by a deep personal sense of mission, driven by her belief; ALL things are possible! At present, her life commitment, an example, continuously declares to the masses of people; take the opportunity, no matter what (the test) or how great!



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