In Preparation for the Process: A Workshop with Michelle D. Johnson

- Reserve your space & join us on designated Wednesdays @ 4:30pm-6:30pm.


Michelle D. Johnson is the author of the acclaimed guide, In Preparation for the Process. Michelle will discuss effective strategies of how to survive life's struggles, disappointments, hardships, and challenges. There will also be interactive and question sessions as we navigate a few thought-provoking chapters of her book! Join us as we explore chapters such as "Confined But Changing," "Unfamiliar Terrain," and "Fighting to Forgive What I Can't Forget."  This workshop will run over the course of three weeks--once registered, you'll be signed up for all three sessions. Registration for this event is required--space is limited! Free copies of In Preparation for the Process will be available to registered patrons.


Registration is now open!