Simple Ways to Get Healthy with Arlene Santiago

- Join us in-person on Tuesday, July 26 @ 11:30am.


Whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to get healthy, join Arlene Santiago (Health Transformation Coach) who uses your behaviors to support your health journey, increase your energy and help lose the weight for good.

Arlene Santiago is a Health Transformation Coach and mom of three. She helps busy moms who are juggling family and work lose weight ONLY eating the food they enjoy.

Arlene also helps those older than age 50 who want to prevent injury and improve balance and mobility. As a Motor Control Restoration Specialist, she seeks to improve communication between brain and body by identifying underlying causes for improper movement (functional compensations) by focusing on the nervous system to identifying any blocked sensorimotor signals. 

If you are ready to ditch the diets and live a life where you are not overly obsessed with food, visit If health and fitness tips and recipes are something you want and need, join her Facebook group, Weight Loss for Moms Over 40.


Registration will open on July 1.