(Virtual) A Date We Will Always Remember: September 11, 2001

- Available on Zoom on Thursday, September 16 @ 6:30pm.

Join us on Zoom for a special presentation from Historical Presenter Jim Gibbons.

On September 11, 2001, the world seemed to stop. To this day, it is a powerful tragedy that Americans who were alive during that time remember vividly. A day where the terrorist group Al-Qaeda attacked the United States. It is a day where through the tragic loss of innocent lives, heroes were made. Americans on Flight 93 became unexpected heroes by sacrificing their own lives to save the Pentagon and American democracy. Heroes were made through the firefighters, police force, and first responders who sacrificed and risked their lives to help and save others during and after the attacks. And the thousands of unsuspecting Americans trapped inside the burning buildings of the Twin Towers who perished that day, many without being able to say goodbye to their families or friends. And thousands more needlessly injured. It is a day that cannot and will not ever be forgotten.

In 2021, we've reached the 20th anniversary of this devastating day in history. Historical Presenter, Jim Gibbons, will discuss the devastating September 11th terrorist attacks of the Twin Towers in New York. Gibbons will explain the events that took place before, during and after the attacks and how it will be timestamped forever in American history.


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