Virtual Rooted in Truth Book Discussion

- Join us on Zoom on Monday, June 28 @ 10:30am.

This month we're going to be discussing Libertieby Kaitlyn Greenidge. Join the discussion through Zoom on Monday, June 28 at 10:30am. No registration is required to join the discussion; we do encourage all participants to have read the book selection for the month prior to engaging in conversation. There will be spoilers--you've been warned!


The Rooted in Truth Book Club is a book club dedicated to reading and discussing books written by authors of color (including, but not limited to, American, Caribbean, African, and European authors). With the joy of reading being the commonality, Rooted in Truth encourages reading, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, enlightenment, and sharing stories with others, all the while being mindful of opposing viewpoints and opinions.