Tasty Tuesdays with Chef Mike Niksic: Meat & Vegetarian Chili

- Available on the PFPL YouTube Channel beginning Tuesday, November 9.


Join us twice a month for our new Tasty Tuesdays with Chef Michael Niksic virtual program! This week, Chef Mike's focus will be Meat & Vegetarian Chili. There's something for everyone!  Even carnivores chow down on this Vegetarian Chili.  Excellent high fiber, high protein, zero & little cholesterol, no sugar, no crazy hot spices & cooked quick. If you have to use a spoon, you’re eating soup--not chili. Forks only at this table! Chef Niksic shares great insight into making a superior chili that is a meal in itself.


Click here to access this week's episode of Tasty Tuesdays.


Download and print the cards below to test recipes out at home!

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