Tasty Tuesdays with Chef Mike Niksic: Uber Cool Gingerbread Houses

- Available on the PFPL YouTube Channel beginning Tuesday, December 7.


Join us twice a month for our new Tasty Tuesdays with Chef Michael Niksic virtual program! This week, Chef Mike's focus will be Uber Cool Gingerbread Houses. A comprehensive detailed gingerbread house building video that will open the door to some of the coolest and most fun “builds” you will find anywhere. All skill levels are able to handle this style of building, plus they last 3-5 years when stored well! You’ll even learn how to install miniature lights in strategic locations, turning them into spectacular night lights and centerpieces. Chef Michael Niksic has been on every major network displaying his houses. He has been building them since he first started learning his craft at Chicago’s Washburne Trade School Culinary Training program at age 19.

Click here to access this week's episode of Tasty Tuesdays.


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