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A Window to the World: New Drive-Up Window Coming to PFPL

You might be wondering about the Construction Season here @ PFPL. Plans are underway for the construction of a new Drive-Up Window and new manual Book Returns, and reconfiguration of the parking lot to create proper traffic flow and new drive-up lane.

Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 27 and finish in early June.

We are hoping for minimal disruption to the Library’s regular hours and services, since the construction will happen in the back of the Library.  For the safety of all concerned, we have temporarily relocated the Book Return & pickup for Curbside Services to the end of the sidewalk in the front of the building. 

 Why are we building a Drive-Up Window @ the Library?

Windows mean so many things to so many people! I’m delighted to play a role in bringing this one to life. The artwork above is from a favorite picture book The Hello, Goodbye Window, illustrated by Chris Raschka.  The kitchen window in the story is no ordinary window--it is the place where love and magic happens. It's where the girl and her doting grandparents watch stars, play games, and, most importantly, say hello and goodbye. The kitchen window at Nanna and Poppy's house is, for one little girl, a magic gateway.

While I know the new Drive-Up Window @ PFPL will function on many different levels for patrons of all ages, I love thinking about all the books, craft supplies, and prizes that will pass through the sliding window into the hands of children. Maybe out running errands with the adults in their life, who have just enough time at the beginning or end of their busy day to pick up what’s waiting for them @ PFPL. Maybe when they wake up from a nap in their carseat, something special awaits. 

PFPL’s Drive-Up Window will find favor with children and adults alike. 

The Drive-Up Window will be open during regular business hours; and the Return will be open 24/7. 

The drive-up window is intended for quick transactions such as picking up library items or renewing an item. The building will remain open for all other transactions and browsing for those who wish to stay awhile.

​The Library Drive-Up Window will be like the one at your pharmacy or bank. It will be here for those who want to skip the parking lot and head straight for the window to pick up reserved materials, return items, and renew library cards. All this can be done from the convenience of your car. 

For those with safety or mobility concerns, the Drive-Up Window will eliminate the need to make their way inside the Library. The Window will be convenient to those who do not have a lot of time to search through the shelves themselves or have time constraints. 

We are hopeful that the Window will encourage others to start or restart their use of PFPL with the increased ease of driving up and collecting their order like a fast food chain. Traditional adventures through the Library will still be available during regular hours. 

I’m excited to see a Drive-Up Window coming to PFPL. Curbside Services, which started during the pandemic, is one good thing that has come out of COVID. Once the window is completed patrons will be able to roll through the drive-thru and collect their next books, DVD, or craft supplies without ever needing to leave their car.

Patrons can reserve their books either electronically or by calling ahead. Library staff notify them when their materials can be picked up at the Window in all types of weather.

We’ll continue to explore new ways to make the Drive-Up Window experience fun, engaging, and whimsical.

Thank you for your patience with our construction dust.  A new opportunity awaits!