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Director Barbara Osuch's LibraryLife


Many years ago I heard a radio interview with children’s author Maurice Sendak, and I can still hear him say: It isn’t until more years are behind you than ahead of you that you can truly savor a peach.  Sendak’s words came back to me today when I couldn’t stop thinking about the extra-large California-grown peaches that I found at our local Jewel. On my first trip, I brought home 2 peaches, cautiously thinking that they might look better than they taste.  Much to my delight, the peaches were sweet and juicy—wonderful in every way. I went back to the store for more, and have 3 left to savor.

As I savor these October peaches, I’m reminded of a poem my son, then age 9, wrote in school on a piece of paper dappled with impressions made from a paint-dipped apple:

Red Apple

Red apple so shiny and sleek,

so big and neat.

A real giant fleet will taste so sweet.

Cider is lighter

but is still just

an apple in liquid.

Too bad I have a peach!

Apples, peaches, or pumpkin pie, may the many forms of wonderful keep happening in our world!


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